Should I or Shouldn't I upgrade to the new Thermomix 6 model?

Should I or Shouldn't I upgrade to the new Thermomix 6 model?

It's always the burning question isn't it? Is it worth the spend to upgrade to the latest phone, computer, Thermomix, well, anything? But this new Thermomix has me interested! Apart from the obvious larger screen, (which for the older demographic was a no brainer and had to happen) there are a whole host of features you may be interested in that will maybe get under your skin, and yes, get you reaching for your wallet.

If you are after the boring yet essential stuff, scroll to the bottom of the page. I have full specs and list of cooking features there.

So to the cooking functions: It still does all the things you know and love. Of course! But and I love this, there are a host of new cooking features that will have you being very clever in the kitchen as long as you have the right recipes.

I always bang on about sautéing aromatics at the beginning of a dish for at least 5 minutes and on the highest heat. Problem solved. There is a much higher temperature range going as high as 160°C. WOW, this will shorten sautéing times and is fabulous for so many other foodie things too. Think caramels, honeycomb, other candy work.

Popcorn, Pretzel Nutty Butter Toffee

Chewy Salted Caramels with Chocolate

Slow cooking function; Well as much as I love my slow cooker, it does take hours and hours and I do have to think about it in advance. The ability to seperate heating from stirring is pretty cool. I have used my Thermomix for some slow cooked recipes before, but there is an element of set and forget that is missing from the TM5. Excited to see what this can do. Is there a timer for example on the slow cooking function. Can I start it later in the day if I'm at work? (I'm thinking yes, but who knows...still a few secrets out there!)

Slow Cooked Beef Chilli

Slow Cooked Pork Chilli

Sous Vide is an amazing way to cook succulent anything. So I am loving the sound of the sous vide function, even though I currently use the Varoma in a sort of Sous Vide fashion in collaboration with my Stasher Bags which work wonderfully well for marinating and cooking in one easy pouch. But bring it on Vorwerk, I am full of ideas for that function!

Sous Vide Steak with Red Capsicum Puree

Sous Vide Salmon with Pea Salad

Aah and yoghurt and kimchi...have so many recipes for these and was forced to use the oven for pot set yoghurt because stirring is the enemy to yoghurt! YAY. Looking forward to the Fermentation function which I assume is a low controlled heat with no stirring...or no stirring by selection. I am also thinking Clotted Cream is now officially possible along with some soft cheeses that also require no stirring....hmmmmn Watch this space kids.


Simple Kimchi Mayonnaise

Then just casually there was mention of a kettle function. YES PLEASE! I currently have my kettle on the bench, next to the two TM5 and they share power point real estate. I would love to have the kettle banished to the cupboard (still not getting rid of it, but would certainly use it less) and use my trusty Thermo jug as a quick boil kettle when required.

There is also talk of a better spatula...more flexible. I'll still be selling and using my amazing spat-ooh-lah-lahs as I think a girl cannot have too many spatulas, but I'm hopeful that the new spatula is going to be good for more than sorbet wrangling.

All in all, for not much more price wise, the benefits of upgrading sound fantastic. I think there will definitely be bench space for a TM6 at Team Tenina HQ. How about at yours?

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Thermomix TM6 Features & Specs


Outer dimensions & motor of hardware remain unchanged:

Dimensions Height = 13.4”, width = 12.8”, depth = 12.8”

Weight 17.5 lbs

Material High-quality synthetic material, stainless steel

Motor Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor
500 W rated power, speed continuously adjustable from 100 to 10,700 revolutions per minute (gentle stir: 40 rpm), special speed settings for dough preparation and stirring without chopping

Knife Four blades, maintenance-free sharpened stainless steel

Mixing bowl 2.3-quart stainless steel mixing bowl, integrated heating system and temperature sensor

NEW: Processor

  • Smartphone-like storage & working memory
  • Quad core processor
  • 16 GB Flash
  • 1GB DDR Ram; endless potential for new features and functions to be added through regular over-the-air software updates.

NEW: 6.8” Display Bigger, more brilliant touchscreen, even more intuitive operation

NEW: Heating Precise heating from 100°F up to 320°F in 1-degree steps, with integrated sensors to maintain a constant, precise temperature in the mixing bowl.

NEW: Scale Improved weighing during food processing allows an accuracy of 0.1 oz. throughout the whole weighing range, up to 105 ounces per weighing step. Also weighs negative values for extracting a precise amount of ingredients from the bowl.


NEW: Functions


  • High temperature settings to brown onions, meat and fish as well as for creating caramel, honeycomb and more
  • Slow Cooking Function for first-class, succulent meat
  • Sous Vide Function for tender meat, fish and vegetables
  • Fermentation Function for yogurt or kimchi

On Top

  • Pre-Clean
  • Kettle
  • Automatic Blending

Classic Functions mixing, steaming, blending, weighing, stirring, grinding, whisking, emulsifying, simmering, kneading, cooking, chopping

Guided Cooking: The guaranteed successful cooking method that takes users through recipes step by step with clear on-screen instructions to achieve perfect results. Temperature and timings are set automatically by the Thermomix®, so even sophisticated recipes can be followed with ease by chefs of any skill level.


Varoma: 3.3 l capacity for steaming

Butterfly: Stirring attachment

Lid: Bowl lid with measuring cup insert

Measuring Cup: Improved measuring cup for easier usage

Spatula: Improved Spatula with softer, easier to use material

Basket: Improved simmering basket


NEW: Fully integrated Cookidoo® access for even more experiences (explore, inspire, search, cook, plan, how-to) directly on the Thermomix® screen; a second device is no longer needed.

The world’s biggest cookbook with more than 40,000 delicious recipes from all over the world that work with the unique success guarantee. All available directly on the device via Cookidoo® and via web app, iOS and Android. The Cookidoo® personalizes through tailored recipe recommendations and inspirations. How-tos and tutorials are available for easy or elaborate meals.

PLUS: Personalized customer service, cooking classes


Direct sales: More than 60,000 Thermomix® independent consultants worldwide serve as personal local contacts to ensure high-quality personalized service in more than 40 countries, on all continents.


Expected Price: $2,389 includes all accessories, a six-month Cookidoo® membership, a personal introduction to the product world

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