Sous Vide Salmon with Pea Salad

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Serves 4-6 Prep Time 20 minutes   Cook Time 15 minutes   Rated:


So I think I have been saying this for a while, but if you are looking for a complete meal, a great combo is always a protein, cooked however you like it, a puree of some sort and a salad or vegetable that can sit on top of the protein, that is on top of the puree...or near it. I have done a few of these now and this is a kicker. I loved it. Give it a go and please tag me in all your gorgeous pics. You will totally feel like you are a winning contestant on any given cooking show!! #dinnerwinner #cookingwithtenina GO and do Insiders, start your Thermo’s!

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Score the skin of the salmon in several places and sprinkle with pink salt flakes. Place the salmon on top of the lemon slices inside the Stasher Bag. Add the oils and seal the bag with no air. Refrigerate for at least an hour.


Prepare the Cauliflower Puree if using (see recipe).


Place the Stasher bag with salmon into the Varoma dish. Place the frozen peas onto the Varoma tray and place the Varoma into position above the cauliflower


Cook 15 min/100°C/speed 1. Remove Varoma. Place the peas into a separate bowl.


Finish the puree as directed.


Without cleaning, place ½ cup of the cooked peas with lemon juice, EVOO and more seasoning to taste, and blend 15 sec/speed 8. This is the pea salad dressing.


Toss remaining peas, spring onions, mint leaves together with the dressing just before serving as the lemon juice will alter the colour of the peas.


Remove the salmon from the Stasher bag and sear skin side down in a hot frying pan that has just a drizzle of EVOO in it until skin is crispy.


Plate up with some Cauliflower Puree, the dressed Pea Salad and salmon on top. Finish off with some fresh or fried mint leaves to garnish.

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