Brown Butter Ganache Truffles with Smoked Salt

Makes approx 20-30 truffles Prep Time 3 hours   Cook Time 8 minutes   Rated:

I have to say on occasion I have brainwaves. If you know me at all, you will know that I love browned butter or buerre noisette. It makes regular butter sweet and nutty without much effort, and I even have made it to use in cookies in place of regular butter, (if you have my Cooking with Tenina cookbook you will know that)!

Anyhoo, I also have a thing for salt. When in St Malo (yes the Brittany in France St. Malo) a year or so ago and found a salt shoppe...yes, an entire establishment devoted to salt. I of course shopped hard. (By the way St. Malo has an entire restaurant and shop devoted to butter...and let’s not mention the dedication to pastries that are literally EVERYwhere! Thus my emotional attachment to France, but I digress!)

I came home with some treasures which ended up in my pantry, ne’er to be seen again until a recent spring clean. I had forgotten about the smoked salt.

Browned butter, smoked salt, the best chocolate known to mankind...hello truffles. You’ll be glad to know I am stocking smoked salt. Get yours here and now folks, then onto the truffles. Following on from the smoked theme I rolled a couple in smoked paprika, but none of us loved them. I wanted the colour...but the flavour was just a bit jarring. If you mixed the paprika with cocoa, you could probably do it, I ran out of truffles before I got to that idea...

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Place chocolate and cream into Thermomix bowl and melt 8 min/50°C/speed 1.


Meanwhile brown the butter in a pan on a medium high heat until the fragrance is amazing and you can see the little golden flecks of brown butter in the mix. Be careful not to burn it. Cool slightly.


Add the butter and salt through the hole in the lid 10 sec/speed 4. Taste and add more salt if you think you need it.


Refrigerate this mixture in a bowl with plastic wrap or baking paper pressed down onto the surface of the chocolate. I think it needs a minimum of 4 hours, or overnight.


Prepare all your rolling ingredients in small bowls.


Roll the truffles and toss them in coatings of choice.


Keep in the fridge in airtight containers. I suggest that if you are doing several different coatings you keep them all seperate.


I think add salt to taste, but then make sure you taste it well. I think you always need to add a little more than you think you do when using in sweet stuff, just don’t go MAD.

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