Citrus Bliss Truffles

Makes 20-30 Prep Time 1 hours 3 minutes   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

I suggest getting a dipping fork or swirly round dipper (offical name here!!) for dipping these. It just makes the whole dipping the truffle thingy SOOOOO much easier. They are available online from Savour School in Melbourne and super cheap. While you are there, stock up on your Callebaut!

I love my doterra oils. You will know that by now, my lovely Insiders, and this highlights some of my favourites. That Bergamot oil...seriously. And so good for you. These are pretty, a fantastic gift, and you will be feeling very clever having made them. Originally in the Death by Chocolate calender, now here for you to add to menus at will!

Happy gifting!


When melting smaller amounts, I use the microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir it with a metal utensil and return to the microwave as needed for 15 seconds at a time, stir again. When you can see the edges are melted, then the middle will usually finish melting as you stir. This eliminates loss of chocolate around the edges of the TM bowl and blade when you are only doing a small amount.

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