Crio Bru Choc Pots

by Tenina Holder

These Choc Pots are in the very beautiful (well someone has to say it!) dessert ebook 'What's for Dessert?' that has been a smash hit in the Thermomix recipe world for a wee while now. (Go get yours!)

These are the little gems that started out as 'going to be 3000 truffles' for the Mundaring Truffle Festival. HA and a big fat HA HA! I gave up on that idea after the said truffles began to resemble roo poo and not in a good way. (Is there a good way??)

So ultimately this is the Crio Bru Choc Pot, that I must say was wildly popular and we were asked endlessly for the recipe. Pretty easy with or without the Thermomix, knock yourself out and do it on the Induction stove if you really want to.

Impressive? Absolutely.

Easy? Definitely.

Delicious? I'm disappointed you asked.

So go on…go get yourself a bag of that superfood I can no longer live without…the liquid gold, the weight loss drink…hang on…scratch that. Go and read all about it's health properties HERE…and then go ahead and make this wickedly decadent treat and tell yourself it's good for you. I won't tell. Of course, don't forget to go and get that amazing collection of other desserts if you haven't already, so you will never be stuck on that age old question again, 'What's For Dessert?'

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Place all ingredients into Thermo bowl and cook 5 min/50°C/speed 1.


Pour into small shot glasses, dessert glasses, or ramekins. Allow to come to room temperature before placing in fridge.


Remove from fridge approximately 15 minutes prior to serving.


Garnish with fresh fruit or additional whipped cream.

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