Pecan and Crio Bru Truffles

Makes approxiately 20 truffles
by Tenina Holder


I recently held a series of Comforting Comfort Food classes....aww, did you miss out? (Better register on this website now to never miss an update again!!) Anyhoo, this is one the recipes that we churned out, week after week. And guess what? Never got sick of eating them, and never got sick FROM eating them! They are delicious little bites of goodness that are great for gifting, even better for eating and you can really have two or three, cos they are pretty well guilt free. I did try them as carb free, (using xylitol as a sweetener) but to be honest, the side effects of that were not worth the caloric saving! So back to maple syrup it was...This recipe could have starred in my new Merry Christmix Too ebook, but I thought instead I would give it to as a teaser for what treats may be in that book....go get yours. What are you waiting for??

If you would like to see me making these, (the low carb version) head on over HERE for the very swish video. 

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Place pecans onto a lined tray and put into a cold oven set to 200°C. Toast for 10 minutes. Remove and cool.


Place Crio Bru granules and cacao powder into TM bowl and mill 1 min/speed 10.


Add cacao butter, coconut oil, salt, vanilla and syrup. Blend 1 min/speed 8, stopping to scrape down sides of bowl as needed.


Add 100g of the toasted pecans and blend 8 sec/speed 5.


Spread mixture onto a lined tray and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes before rolling into truffles. Roll truffles in remaining chopped pecans, Crio Bru granules or cacao powder as desired.


Store in the fridge, but serve at room temperature for that melt in your mouth amazing truffle sensation.

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