Soy Marinated Pork Fillet With Quinoa Tabouleh


Well yes, this is delicious…but then delicious is my mantra…why eat it, if it doesn’t blow you away? I love quinoa and have been finding so many ways to use it lately. On this occasion, I used black quinoa, but white would have looked more traditional tabbouleh…but it is so pretty, don’t you think? We do eat with our eyes after all.

I have just finished Dairy Judge Training and in fact have been invited to become the Top Cheese in WA…(in a manner of speaking!) The Internationally Acclaimed (note capitals!) Russell Smith is going to mentor me through some training to get me to the point where I can hold my own in a room full of reknowned, spitting dairy judges…oh the joy! Cheese judging is very complex, as opposed to judging other dairy, but as an eater and a lover of cheese, and a lover/tourist of all cheese producing countries, I say; Bring it on!

But I digress, I was about to tell you, (as discussed in Dairy Judge Training!!) that we eat with our eyes first, so when we get the whole beautiful meal in front of us, we should salivate and be enticed to eat, and then of course, flavour must deliver and never disappoint, as our palate has a long memory and may never recover from disappointment.

No disappointment here I trust…don’t be tempted to overcook the pork, remember this is the other white meat and perfectly fine and safe to eat when medium rare….in most countries anyhoo!

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  • 2 pork fillets
  • 200 - 300 Grams soy sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons brown sugar
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 150 Grams black quinoa
  • Water for soaking and steaming
  • 1 Handful italian parsley
  • 1 Handful mint
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • 1 - 2 lemons, zested, finely grated
  • 1 Punnet grape tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 burpless cucumber, diced
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Fini EVOO as needed BUY
  • Pinches pink salt flakes Pink salt flakes BUY



Place pork fillets into long flat ceramic dish.


Place soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic into Thermomix bowl and blend 10 sec/speed 6.


Pour over pork fillets. Cover and refrigerate.


Meanwhile, soak quinoa in a large quantity of water for at least 30 minutes.


Drain quinoa and place into steamer basket and insert into Thermomix bowl.


Pour enough water over to reach the bottom of the steamer basket.


Line Varoma dish with a piece of wet baking paper. Remove pork fillets from marinade and place into Varoma dish. Drizzle a little of the marinade over, but reserve the rest.


Place Varoma into position and steam quinoa and pork 20 min/Varoma/speed 3.


Remove pork and cover.


Drain quinoa and finish tabbouleh.


Place herbs into clean, dry Thermomix bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 7. Combine this with all remaining ingredients, finally stirring cooled quinoa through. Set aside.


Sear rested pork fillets in a hot fry pan, (Induction 7) drizzling with reserved marinade to taste, being cautious not to burn the marinade. Slice pork and serve over tabbouleh. Reduce the remaining marinade if desired and drizzle a little over the pork prior to serving.



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