These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!

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Makes 12 large pretzels Prep Time 2 hours   Cook Time 8 minutes   Rated:

Told you I was stuck on bread and ice cream! Just can’t think past that at the moment…work recipes are sucking my brains out through my taste buds I fear, but all to good result. Those big buttery pretzels you buy in a popular chain right now are so overpriced, that my Scottish heritage came to the fore and I just had to see what could be done about it. A lot, it would seem! After a less successful attempt, I tried again and frankly these were literally gone in minutes…(office staff, you know who you are)! Now I have to try again, just so the family can taste them…and how about trying cinnamon sugar, maple icing, lemon glaze, fruit into the dough, olives into the dough, pepperoni and cream cheese into the dough….oh heaven…should I stop now? So many options, so few occasions to eat pretzels!

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  • The Dough
  • 2 Teaspoons dried yeast
  • 290 - 300 Grams cold milk
  • 20 Grams olive oil
  • 80 Grams sugar
  • 550 Grams bakers flour
  • 1 Pinch Pink Salt Flakes BUY
  • 40 Grams bicarb soda
  • 1 bowl of hot water
  • Toppings;
  • extra Pink Salt Flakes BUY
  • Melted butter
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • grated parmesan



Place yeast, milk, oil and 1 tsp of the sugar into Thermomix bowl and blend 3 sec/speed 5. Warm through for 2 min/37°C/speed 2.


Add remaining sugar, flour and salt and mix 10 sec/speed 7.


Knead 3 min/Interval. If the dough is dry or wet at this point add additional water or flour as needed! (You need a firm dough for pretzels.)


Wrap in oiled bread mat and set in warm place to double.


Meanwhile, pre heat oven to 220°C and if you have a pizza stone, heat in oven at the same time.


Place bicarb soda into hot water and dissolve with fork.


Divide dough into a bakers dozen (13...really!) and then form pretzels by rolling long 'snakes' out of each piece.


Holding each end of the dough, hit the bread mat a few times to lengthen and even out the dough. Make large pretzel shape, push joins together and then dip into cooled bicarb water before placing directly onto heated pizza stone, (or paper lined baking tray). Cook for about 8 minutes until golden brown, remove and cool slightly before brushing with melted butter and sprinkling with toppings of choice.


You'll never buy one of those delicious, yet over priced pretzels again, and alongside the whole Seinfeld crew, you'll be telling everyone that 'these pretzels are making me thirsty'!

Serve with Blue cheese or ranch dressing to dip, or even a good homemade tomato marinara sauce.

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