These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!

Makes 12 large pretzels
by Tenina Holder

Told you I was stuck on bread and ice cream! Just can’t think past that at the moment…work recipes are sucking my brains out through my taste buds I fear, but all to good result. Those big buttery pretzels you buy in a popular chain right now are so overpriced, that my Scottish heritage came to the fore and I just had to see what could be done about it. A lot, it would seem! After a less successful attempt, I tried again and frankly these were literally gone in minutes…(office staff, you know who you are)! Now I have to try again, just so the family can taste them…and how about trying cinnamon sugar, maple icing, lemon glaze, fruit into the dough, olives into the dough, pepperoni and cream cheese into the dough….oh heaven…should I stop now? So many options, so few occasions to eat pretzels!

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