True Energy Bars

Makes 12
by Tenina Holder

I know you have heard me raving (and raving) all about Crio Bru lately…(if not, you must not be following me too closely!) and now I am using it so much in my recipes that it has become a staple in my pantry! I am amazed at what happens to my appetite when I eat it…so of course, rather than miss out on all those yummies, I have got to use my recipe powers for good…and this is good, believe me! I am noticing when I drink CrioBru I have a 'feel good euphoria', which nothing can bring down…and there has been a lot going on in my glass half full world, that should possibly be seen as glass half empty, just not when I am on my Crio! (and I am drinking chocolate antioxidants…does it get any better than this??)

SO…if you are the uninitiated…head on over to the website and have a read and make sure you go and say hi to them on Facebook as well.

In the meantime, try making these babies for a quick pick-me-up, on-the-go, running-out-the-door breakfast bar, that will keep you going way past lunchtime…(if you have the Crio). No Crio? Use coffee grinds…well, maybe instant coffee granules...

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Place ½ the almonds, linseed, orange zest and cinnamon stick into TM bowl and mill 10 sec/speed 8.


Add remaining ingredients except reserved almonds and blend 20 sec/speed 8.


Add almonds and blend 4 sec/speed 5.


Press into lined rectangular baking tin and refrigerate for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, make the ganache by placing Crio & chocolate into clean TM bowl. Melt 1 min/speed 2. Pour on top of bars and set completely in fridge.


Cut into bar shapes and store separately in bags in freezer or fridge until use.

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