White Chocolate Caramel Mud Cake

Serves 12-14 Prep Time 15 minutes   Cook Time 1 hours   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

I am not a big baker. Correction. I am big. I don't bake very often. Ergo, I am not a big baker. You getting me?

Years ago, in the dark ages back when I worked for Thermomix in Australia as the Head of Recipe Development, I drummed up this little number for their birthday card, sent out to all consultants, signed by all of the HO team. Can you believe that? Yep...many a month found me hand signing an absolute swag of birthday cards...if you ever got one of those, hope you kept it...I will be on there somewhere. And at the very least, I wrote the very yummy recipe and took the pic that appeared on the card. But I digress. This recipe is sort of the same but not. I have come a long way in how I write recipes, and of course I have tweaked it to suit my penchant for all things Salted Caramel...go ahead, be as daring as you like with the good old Pink Salt Flakes that I love so much. Happy...birthday? Bar Mitzvah? Anniversary? No reason at all, just felt like a cake day? This is that cake! You're welcome. Thankfully I have Baker Bree by my side in the test kitchen these days, so this is as pretty as it gets!

OH and our garnish is as simple and cheap as the price of some sugar and popcorn. Yep, store that one away for a day when you need something to zhoosh...

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