Vive La France and all its buttery goodness!

Vive La France and all its buttery goodness!

"Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years be past." Old Dutch proverb

I am a butter lover from way back. I am pretty sure when my mum brought home the new and exciting product, 'margarine', I was horrified, even as a small child. I love what butter does for flavour. I have been known to eat butter much like one would eat cheese, and if you have been following my covid weight gain, you will know that I have not been holding back on the gorgeous Pepe Saya butter throughout this weird year!

(I am officially on the 'eat less butter' wagon, but I will never ever not eat butter!)

I love to make compound butters and have done since I first realised how powerful and simple they are to create and serve with an array of dishes, with very little effort. It looks as though you have been working very hard when you whip out your Miso Butter with black pepper oil and slather it on a perfect steak or piece of fish, chicken or even sourdough! At any given time I may have up to 3 different butter compounds lurking in my freezer.

So imagine my delight when I found this Authentic French Butter Press? I have had the opportunity to visit coastal St Malo in Brittany in France which is probably the original home of the love of French butter and the blocks of butter they sell, wrapped in paper are so enticing and iconic I found it hard to resist even though travelling with butter in one's suitcase is never ideal. Now I can make my own, I'm ready to go into production! I love the little blocks of butter all wrapped and tied with string. CUTE!

French Butter Press

Get your French butter press and bonus butter chart

Watching the cringeworthy but picturesque Netflix romcom 'Emily in Paris' has had French cuisine on my mind and of course what else but - butter? When thinking of French staples you can't move past a croissant and what's a croissant without great butter? I show you how to create both, at home, with a little effort but the satisfaction of amazing finished results makes it so worth it.

The Thermomix makes homemade butter easy. My authentic French butter press removes buttermilk from your own churned butter easily and quickly, forming a nice butter block to wrap and refrigerate.

If you are making compound butters then you simply press the mixed flavoured butter through the press and voila, you have a perfect block for serving or gifting! This product comes with our Ultimate Savoury Butter Chart, full of ideas and additions to make you a butter pro!

Once you've made your butter check out my butter rich recipes and waste nothing by using the remaining buttermilk for all sorts of things.

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