Easy Waldorf Salad

Serves 6 Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

I love salads. All of them. Unless they are a handful of 'bagged' greens thrown on a plate in a restaurant and called a salad. (Just sayin'...been there one too many times!)

I often have house guests, the hazard of having a big extended family who live far and wide and I have to say that having people stay often makes me get a wriggle on with cooking something that I can claim as a new recipe for here. It is weird being down to just two of us in the household now. I can make a meal on a Monday and it could potentially last us all week...but I digress. So when I had my in-laws recently, it was the perfect opportunity to get all inspired and lucky you, this happened. It may show up in a book, it is so good.

You will need to go and make the Maple Mayonnaise first on this one. You could use your normal Easy Thermomix Mayonnaise if you wanted, but I do like the sweetness that this mayo adds to the salad.

Either way, YUM.

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