Garlic Shredded Chicken with Dirty Rice

Serves 4 Rated:    
by Tenina Holder


I do love a bit of shredded chicken with rice. The cheapest dish you can buy in Singapore is about $3S and is chicken and rice. Not shredded, but a piece of chook, poached in a fragrant steaming hot stock and a little spicy and completely delicious. And more than enough for a quick meal...and to be honest if I lived in Singapore I potentially would never have cooked...we would have had Chicken Rice a little too often at that price.

This dish is just yummo, and the Dirty Rice is well, dirty but good. Not great for a beautiful picture of course, but who cares?? Give me dirty rice every time, when it has this much flavour.

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ENJOY...(go watch the really is kind of fun!)

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