Maple Banana Coconut Tempura Fritters

Serves many Prep Time 5 minutes   Cook Time 10 minutes   Rated:

Tempura is best made with sparkling spring water, to always get excellent results. Tempura is a batter with a ratio of 1:1 and best left lumpy as opposed to having a smooth consistency. The right temperature oil when frying is also important as this will eliminate a greasy end result. Approximately 170-180°C or 350°F is perfect. TEMPURA Batter; the Thermomix way!

You can of course go to town with this idea and start tempura-ing any soft fruits you think you would love in a hot donut. Peaches, in fact all stone fruit, large strawberries, perhaps apple, though they will not cook to soft in the time it takes to cook the batter. What would you fancy do you think?

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Tempura Batter;


Place rice into Thermomix bowl and mill for 60 sec/speed 10.


Add remaining ingredients and gently combine 10 sec/Interval/dough setting. If there are still lumps that is fine.


Set aside as you prepare the rest of the dish.


To make Coconut Banana Fritters;


Heat enough Extra Virgin Coconut oil in deep pan to 170-180°C. If you drop a little of the batter into the pan, it should brown up in around 40 seconds. Any hotter or faster and you will get a burnt taste. This should be about right on Induction 7-8, but you may have to reduce temperature depending on how long it takes you to cook them.


Slice bananas diagonally, about 1/2 banana per serving, roll in shredded coconut and then dip quickly in the prepared batter. Put straight into the hot oil and allow to cook until golden. Remove with slotted spoon and drain on a double layer of paper towels.To serve, place 2 or 3 fritters onto large plate, dust with icing sugar, dollop ice cream in centre, drizzle with Maple Syrup, add a few shreds of coconut if desired and devour immediately.

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