Strawberry and Vanilla White Chocolate Easter Egg

Makes 1-2 eggs Rated:

I have been seriously busy. Like 'lock me up and make me stop' busy. You will know I have a new book coming out in April and we have FINALLY moved our packing of orders to a warehouse. We have been trying somewhere to promote my foodie trip to Bali (still a few spots left, so get it organised ppl) We are planning the Insider Club, shooting heaps and heaps of amazing videos that you are completely going to love...and then Easter is here. I cannot belive it! (None of this has anything to do with the recipe, but I hope I am illiciting some sympathy!)

SO here you go, I do have another little recipe planned for later in the week if I get my ducks (or baby Easter chicks) in a row. In the meantime, get yourself a fairly decent Easter egg mould. They abound...but a good one is not that easy to find. I do recommend Savour School in Melbs and online for anything chocolatey.

Hoppy Easter 2016 kids. Go Vanilla. Go Strawberry. Go Thermomix.

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Place all ingredients other than the freeze dried fruit into the Thermomix bowl and melt 30 min/40°C/speed 1.


Add as much freeze dried fruit as you think is needed. Stir through using a spatula.


Tip into egg mould in two halves, filling completely. When slightly set, remove the centre chocolate and spread onto a silicone mat (available in my store). Decorate with more fruit for the bark, and place the mould into the fridge.


When ready to unmould the egg and join the halves, remove the egg, open side up and heat the chocolate with a hair dryer or blow gun. Join the halves. Decorate as desired.


Hoppy Easter 2016!

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