Thai Sticky Rice

by Tenina Holder

Well I had a Thai cooking class last night and had requests to post the here is one at least (the best one!) Also a photo of my work kitchen before the excitement began!

I will post the other recipes in later y'all come back now y'hear?

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Combine rice in water and coconut cream with sugar and salt.


Cook on Induction 6 bringing to the boil and then continue to cook until all liquid is absorbed.


Keep adding water if necessary.


You want to have a nice sticky consistency.


Set aside or keep warm on Induction 2 until ready to serve.


Combine all syrup ingredients and cook on Induction 3 (low heat) until thickened.


Taste test. The syrup should be quite salty.


Scoop rice mix into bowls.


Drizzle generously with syrup and decorate with fruit of choice. In Thailand they will usually serve this with fresh sliced mango. In the absence of mango on the shelf, I chose Kiwi fruit with passionfruit pulp.

To be more authentic you can use glutinous rice instead of jasmine rice, but it absorbs a lot more liquid and may need soaking overnight. You can purchase glutinous rice at most Asian supermarkets.

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