Top Ten Uses for Pancake Batter

Top Ten Uses for Pancake Batter

There is hardship in everything except eating pancakes. Charles Spurgeon

Well we are living in the midst of interesting times, and if you are able to get your hands on some flour or have some in your pantry, a good ole pancake batter can do a lot of things to keep your family fed and happy and comforted.

I have always loved pancakes, ever since childhood, and probably what I first knew as pancakes were actually crepes. Paper thin, golden with crispy little wisps on the edge, dredged in sugar then doused in lemon juice until the sugar dissolved. We then rolled them into cigars and cut them into pieces. On Shrove Tuesday my mum made us these for dinner and I just loved it!

Of course I went on to live in the USA where pancakes are an entirely different thing, puffy, aerated, spongy, usually served in a stack (let that be a warning to you if ever ordering pancakes in the States!) Loads of whipped butter, hot maple syrup, potentially bacon (never my choice) and berries, meringue, lemon curd or all of it!

Now many years on and in 2020 as the daughter of a Yorkshire man, as well as being a recipe developer, I know all about batter, adding ice water at the end, using hot fat to get puff, resting, blah much to know about pancakes. I think what fascinates me most about pancakes is that literally every cuisine has a version. We have our collection here to keep you busy, but there are really endless ways to use pancake batter to keep the family secure and comforted! Pancakes no matter what form they take, are family food. So stay calm and cook pancakes!

We have more pancake recipes on the Insider Club

But don't stop at 10 ways to use pancake batter, check out all of these below!! WOW!

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