Ten Feel Better Soups to Soothe and Heal

Ten Feel Better Soups to Soothe and Heal

Keep this stash of comforting recipes handy for when the winter blues hit!

Soups have been known for their healing properties for centuries. When we're sick or tired, our body's energy is focused on fighting off illness or fatigue, leaving us feeling weak and dehydrated. Soups are a great way to replenish the nutrients and fluids that our body needs to recover. They are easy to digest, gentle on the stomach, and can help soothe sore throats and ease congestion. Depending on the ingredients, soups can also provide anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits. Additionally, the warmth of soup can have a calming effect on the body and mind, promoting relaxation and rest. Whether it's chicken noodle soup or vegetable soup, a warm bowl of soup can provide comfort and nourishment, helping to speed up the healing process and alleviate discomfort.

If someone in your household or a friend is sick, and you want to help, this is your go to list of yummy and healing soups. These are the soups we lean on through the winter, and anytime anyone is feeling a bit below average.

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