Aztec Hot Chocolate Shots

Store this one away for a cold evening when the wind is howling and you feel as though you need to be warmed right through. Recently featured in all classes since For Food’s Sake was launched, it has been a BIG hit with the whole country, and now here you go…all yours for the asking! Once again starring the chocolatey-est chocolate, because it is pure chocolate, Crio Bru…your friend and mine…choose the dark chocolate you use carefully, try to get a 64% or higher…for the best flavour and highest nutritional value. (And then you can tell yourself it is a health food…really!)

Aztec Hot Chocolate Shots


  •   1 cinnamon stick
  •   1 dried chilli (or less to taste
  •   1 orange, zest, finely grated
  •   100 g palm sugar
  •   100 g Crio Bru granules
  •   100 g dark chocolate in pieces
  •   500 g cream
  •   200 g milk
  •   Pinch sea salt


  1. Place cinnamon, chilli, zest, palm sugar, Crio Bru and chocolate into TM bowl and mill 15 sec/speed 10.

  2. Add cream, milk and salt and cook 10 min/80°C/speed 2.

  3. Strain and drink in small shot glasses. Try adding a vanilla bean in the first step for another flavour advantage…delish!