Brew Choc Smores Ice Creams

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Occasionally I bring it. And this is one such recipe. I knew it would work. I mean, Brew Choc mousse, frozen, macadamias, chocolate and toasted marshmallow, what is not to love? I confess I hadn't tried the entire thing before we filmed it, but that is how we roll these days. There is so much going on and just a little team to keep it rolling. We have had to tighten our figurative belts like everyone else! Clearly the actual belts are needing to be loosened as the days continue!

I hope you get onto these while the idea is fresh in your mind. They really are impressive to serve and super delicious. Hoppy Easter!

Moulds from Alyce Alexandra

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Make the mousse and freeze in ice cream moulds of your choice. We LOVE the Alyce Alexandra moulds, see the link above. They need a good 24 hours to come out of the moulds cleanly.


Meanwhile, make the Marshmallow Fluff and toast it a few times if you wish and as the recipe video demonstrates.


Chop and toast the macadamias to a deep golden brown.


When ready to finish the ice creams, melt the chocolate in a deep sided cup or dish, the narrower the opening the better as you will waste less chocolate. I generally use the microwave for such small amounts. Keep the chocolate fairly liquid, but it also cannot be too hot or it will just fall off the ice cream as soon as you dip it.


Dip each ice cream part way on an angle and quickly sprinkle the wet chocolate with the cold toasted macadamias. Return to the freezer until ready to serve.


When ready to serve, dollop a good amount of Marshmallow Fluff onto one corner of the ice cream and toast carefully with a kitchen torch until just caramelised and blackening. Eat immediately!

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