Coconut Cream Ice Cream

by Tenina Holder

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and yet creamy and delicious. If you are an ice cream judge (just saying…) you will find this less creamy than dairy ice cream in texture and mouth feel. However, if you are a poor dairy free soul craving a little ice cream goodness, you will find this is amazing! You will want to make this more than once. On my recent foodie trip to Singapore, I couldn’t stay away from a little shop in the bottom of ION centre just outside the foodcourt. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name, but they serve these piles of sweet ice, with all sorts of other flavours and fruit drizzled over or through the ice, and I am not talking just about red bean and corn, which is standard Asian dessert fare! I ended up having one that was described as coconut ice, with grass jelly (available in tins at Asian supermarkets and quite delicious) and red beans (which I do not like and left on the side of the dish) and a brown sugar syrup that was completely luxe and amazing. So this is a little attempt to recreate, but I have to say, not quite there. Totally delicious in it’s own right though, even without the syrup. Its beautiful caramel colour comes from the organic coconut palm sugar, which if you have not been into my store lately, you will notice I am NOW SELLING in a fantastic For Foods Sake Ingredients pack, so make sure you go have a look at that for some easy shopping. Just in case you are wondering, Kara branded coconut cream is UHT, or long life, so already has the beginning of caramelised flavour because of it being cooked. And that is why I like it for this recipe. It is widely available in Asian supermarkets.




To make ice cream, place all ingredients into HMP and cook to 100°C/speed 2.


Pour into large tray and cool to room temperature. Freeze 8 hours or overnight.


Remove from tray, cut into large chunks and return to HMP.


Blend 2-3 min/speed 8 or until creamy.


To make Brown Sugar Syrup place all ingredients into HMP and cook 10 min/90°C/speed 2.

Serve cold, drizzled over ice cream or pancakes.


Serve immediately with Brown Sugar Syrup or fresh fruit.

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