Ice Cream Christmas Pudding Bombe

Serves 10-12
by Tenina Holder

Not strictly a recipe, more of a serving suggestion for two of my other recipes...the decadent ice creams linked below. Easy once you get your head around the shape. Hopefully I will be seeing a few of these on Facebook as you all get organised for the season and want to socially share your achievements! I have a cassata dream that may appear on here sooner or later as well, in the meantime...this is pretty darn great! And certainly more Aussie appropriate than the good ole traditional steamed pudding version, not that I have any problem with tradition. There  is a pudding-ish recipe in Merry Christmix the original ebook...steamed and everything! Go get it! (Or just get that ice cream on...enjoy!)

Hey La La Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

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  • 1 Litre Rich Choccie Ice Cream (or premium purchased ice cream) Chocolate I Scream!
  • 250 Gram Christmas pudding
  • 200 Gram almond slivers, toasted
  • 1 Litre Vanilla bean ice cream (or premium purchased ice cream) Very Hey La La Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 200 Gram glace cherries or other dried fruit of choice, diced
  • Brandy Custard to garnish
  • Melted chocolate to garnish



Double line a 3L capacity pudding basin or bowl with plastic wrap. Set aside.


Place the chocolate ice cream into a large mixing bowl and break the Christmas pudding into it. Add half the toasted almonds. Combine well, without allowing the ice cream to melt.


Spread into the prepared basin and push the ice cream up the sides. Freeze with a smaller bowl pressed into the middle of the ice cream, to help form the hollow in the centre.


Mix the vanilla bean ice cream with the remaining nuts and cherries. Remove the extra bowl and fill the centre of the chocolate ice cream with the vanilla ice cream. Freeze overnight or at least 10 hours.


To serve, remove from the bowl. Remove plastic wrap and up turn onto the serving plate you are going to use. Drizzle the custard and /or melted chocolate over the top, being sure it runs down the sides. Return to the freezer until the toppings are solid.


Cut into wedges with a hot wet knife and serve immediately.

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