Lemon Basil Cream

Makes 1 tart Prep Time 15 minutes   Cook Time 10 minutes  
by Tenina Holder


I am addicted to vanilla. Let’s just come clean. I love the Heilala vanilla so much I just about use it in everything. So as I thought about this (and what a one trick pony I am!) I decided to do a dessert that is vanilla free. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be better WITH vanilla, but I left it out...and it is completely delicious. If I say so myself.

The basil idea is inspired by Antonio Bachour who I have never met, and am not likely to meet, but he is a pastry demi-god and I follow him on Instagram. He would probably be very gracious about my terrible rendering of his idea...but although it is not in his league of beautifulness (is that even a word?) it tastes good. I have used it both in the tart, and also on top of the Raspberry Jelly if you are wondering what this image depicts.

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