No Stir Risotto

Serves 6 Prep Time 10 minutes   Cook Time 15 minutes   Rated:


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I created this recipe about 100 years ago now, early days when working at the OG Kleenmaid. It has no Thermomix in it, though I certainly use the Thermie for most of the prep as I am not silly enough to do it the traditional way!

Remember that this is best done on the induction...I am not sure it would translate very well to any other cooking medium and of course there are safety issues involved with using a tea towel on a gas cooktop!

I love my induction cooktop and I still have the Kleenmaid appliance I purchased when working there. It moved with me!

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic induction to directly heat the cookware, providing fast and precise temperature control. Unlike traditional stovetops, it generates heat only in the cookware, making it efficient and safe. The cookware must be made of a magnetic material for induction to work. If you have never investigated induction, you need to visit Hart and Co appliances You will no doubt get FOMO once you do, as they have so many fun toys for the inner chef!

Anyway...if you are lucky enough to already have an induction cooktop, this one is for you!

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Heat oil in Induction friendly pan on 'max'.


Add garlic and onion, stir briefly.


Add mushrooms and rice and stir until rice takes on a bright white appearance. Do not let it catch.


Add all of stock and wine and bring to the boil.


Allow to boil madly on 'max' until the mixture becomes a 'slurry'!


Turn Induction down to 2.


Cover pan with the clean towel and THEN the lid, making sure the seal is tight. Set timer for 12 minutes. (another feature of induction cooking!)


When cooking has finished, add butter and stir as it melts.


Add basil, cheese, and lemon zest and juice.


Continue to mix until all the butter has melted.


Lastly add cream and remember the mix should be quite runny.


Add salt and pepper as desired.


Serve immediately.

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