Beetroot Raspberry Jamu Jamu

Serves 6 Prep Time 12 hours   Rated:


I discovered jamu jamu quite a few years ago on one of my Bali jaunts. Then earlier this year I was hosted by Potato Head Club and Katamama in Seminyak and they served us jamu every day. I was taken by the colours and options available. It had never occured to me you could pretty much put anything you liked into the tonic. It is not quite kombucha, but you can allow it to ferment slightly at room temperature for a few days, though ours never lasts that long.

The word jamu comes from the Javanese language, Jampi and Usada. Jampi means mantra, usada means medicine for health. So Jamu is a prayer or medicine to improve health. ⁠

Anyway, I decided to do a video for you, it is super simple. And kind of fun to make up mixtures. We did three on the video, this is one of them!

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Place beetroot, raspberries and ginger into the Thermomix bowl and chop 5 sec/speed 5. Add water and blend 20 sec/speed 1.


Allow to infuse overnight or for as long as you can. Strain through nut milk bag and return liquid to a large jug or bowl.


Add remaining ingredients. Stir well, cover loosely and allow to ferment for a few days on the bench. It will start to bubble gently. At this point, refrigerate it and dilute to taste with water or sparkling water.

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