Chocolate Sorbet

Serves 8
by Tenina Holder

Well the heat has struck, finally. The kids no doubt are pestering the mothers of Australia for something cold and sweet all day long. (Damn those school holiday appetites!)

I’m thinking of this as more of a slushie than a sorbet to be honest. It will depend on the cocoa that you use as to how dark it is, and you could potentially add more than is listed. I have used the image from my Cooking with Tenina cookbook, by the very talented Tash. (It is the same recipe, let’s face it!!)

SO...if you are up for a not too sweet, chocolatey icy treat, this is your new go to. You can skip the frozen Crio Bru bit, but personally I wouldn’t. The flavour is a lot stronger with it than without it.

Happy summer days ahead...

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