Homemade Creme Fraiche or Sour Cream

1 600ML jar Prep Time 8 hours   Rated:

Well, it came to me in a flash. If the new Thermomix 5 can do yoghurt so well, why not crème fraîche, why not mascarpone? Heck there must be heaps of other soured dairy items I can do using that feature. Warning: It does take 8 hours...but you literally throw it all in and leave it alone. Come back when the time is up and then you are almost ready to start baking those potatoes, start making that cheesecake or pannacotta or whatever else it is that you slather in crème fraîche. For a full run down on the differences between crème fraîche and sour cream, go HERE. If you really wanted to make crème fraîche without the convenience of the Thermomix 5, then simply mix the ingredients together well, and leave inside the insulated serving bowl or a thermos flask of some sort, on the bench for a few days. Check it occasionally to make sure it is not completely losing the plot and becoming a nasty science experiment....then refrigerate and you are done-ski!

To be more authentic, you can replace the sour cream with buttermilk.

Of course to make cultured butter, you can then whip this end product as you would normal cream and you will have a lovely butter worth drooling over...so many options! :D

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  • 100 Grams store bought sour cream
  • 500 Grams pure cream



Place both ingredients into TM 5 bowl and using the yoghurt function, switch on and wait...and wait and wait.


When the 8 hours are up, place the mixture into a small insulated serving bowl and allow to come to room temperature on the kitchen bench.


Store in the fridge, remove whey if a thicker mixture is required. Use as directed in all recipes.

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