Huon Blackened Ocean Trout Mexican Salad

Serves 4
by Tenina Holder

I LOVE getting ingredients to play imagine my delight to have $100 to spend in the Huon Reserve Selection online! I am an online shopper from way back. Heck, I am an online retailer! I confess, I drooled more than a little over the selection I had in the store, and really battled with which way to go...I mean we know the good old Salmon Filo Spiral is hard to beat...could I go one better with Ocean Trout and impress the judges? 

If you follow me at all, you will also know I love Mexican cuisine and whilst I am pretty confident that Huon salmon has not made it onto Mad Mex's menu yet, I thought this would be a pretty interesting option; easy, tasty, so pretty and really more-ish. In fact, I don’t often cook a recipe again once it has hit published stage, but in all seriousness, this is one on my re-rotation....and I am hoping will find it’s way onto yours. I specifically chose the blackened smoked ocean trout for its additional texture and flavour.

Hope you enjoy....and leave me a comment or website. I LOVE COMMENTS...haven’t had them really until now, so knock yourself out. Get some Ocean Trout in your kitchen, then come back and tell me all about it.

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