Persian Love Pavlova with Burnt White Chocolate Cream

Serves 12 Prep Time 20 minutes   Cook Time 1 hours 20 minutes  
by Tenina Holder

Pavlova and Thermomix has always been a bit of a mystery for some. Personally I have no problem with whipping up a pav using a set of beaters and a regular bowl, but others quake at the mention of making a pavlova at all! For you guys, this Thermomix version of making pavlova is the way to avoid pav anxiety. This method originated from the very generous Gina Hughes of The Passionate Pantry. If you have not discovered her yet, it is time to go and have a look. She is a scientist in the kitchen and her recipes are the bomb. She is a regular contributor to this site. Thanks Geens. Love your work!


Do a vinegar clean of bowl and Butterfly before starting recipe.

Place 1L water, 30ml vinegar *10 min/Varoma/Butterfly/speed 2.* Rinse out bowl in cold water and ensure it is dry before continuing.

Separate eggs a few hours before you begin. Leave uncovered in a clean ceramic bowl to ‘age’ the egg whites.

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