Snowy Peppermint Oreos

by Tenina Holder

OK Alison Bastick, you little smarty pants…you were right. When I posted the picture of these the other day on Facebook, she knew straight away what they were. I confess I am somewhat of an American food tragic and despite the fact these are just good ole oreos dipped in chocolate, they remind me of days gone by, specifically in the Disney theme parks where they dip anything and everything in chocolate or caramel. They are too cute for a gift and my son ensures me that even though he knows what they are, they are much more yummy than he would have ever imagined. So there you go, the kids will love them. If you use the double stuffed oreos, (which I couldn’t find) they have less ‘numbers’ in them…go figure.

Anyhoo, hoping you are all over the Christmix planning and that you have all the ebooks, the real recipe books and thermo lists and that you are checking them all twice.

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To crush candy canes, wrap an unwrapped candy cane or two in your Silpat bread mat and beat it up with a rolling pin or other blunt instrument. You will keep the pieces from flying all over your kitchen this way.


Melt the chocolate with the coconut oil


Dip the oreos in the chocolate and sprinkle them with the crushed candy canes.

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