We all Need to Knead! The Top Ten Bread Recipes on my site.

We all Need to Knead! The Top Ten Bread Recipes on my site.

“All sorrows are less with bread.” Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author. (1547-1616)

As you all know (if you are regular visitors to my site dearest readers!) I am a lover of all things bread, and this article is an homage to that. I have collected over the years that I have been slogging away on this site, several recipes that utilise my love of bread. There is something wonderful about creating a living growing thing, that ultimately tastes fantastic and fills your kitchen with homely fragrance. There are yeasted breads, unyeasted or quick breads all on here, but for your easy recipe surfing, I have selected ten of my faves, (and in no particular order of fave-ness!)

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Cheesey Mite Scrolls are common place (dare I say iconic?) in Australia and this post has instructions on how to make them...should you need such a thing, but really, does one need a recipe to apply Vegemite and cheese to a bread dough scroll? Apparently the answer to that is yes!

No bread post of mine would be complete without referencing my lovely Pretzels...those crusty yet soft and twisty bread rolls are unique in the world of bread loving and truly delicious...give them a go. Don't be discouraged if the twisty part gets the better of you, just dip 'em, cook 'em and eat 'em and you'll be making this one again and again...promise!

No post about breads can be complete without a brioche recipe...and a few tips as to what to do with said brioche. I have been adding chocolate chips in the last knead as well as craisins, and a little melted chocolate. TO DIE FOR! I love to make individual brioche as gifts, or as fancy muffins at a brunch. Try it toasted, or even better, as French toast. Heaven on a plate, quite simply and a great excuse to eat what is almost cake for breakfast, (like I need an excuse)!

We have a fantastic sourdough tutorial with a great recipe or 3 on the Insider Club. You really need to join us for this alone! Turkish Bread which also uses a starter, can be used for a myriad of dishes. I personally think Turkish Bread makes the best burger buns. It is fantastic as the base for pizza, Tuna melts are a family fave; boil a couple of eggs, peel and chop, add a tin of tuna in oil, a generous dollop of (homemade) mayo, chop a few pickles of choice. Stir all together, spread over split Turkish Bread, top with grated cheese and toast under a hot grill. Serve with a salad.

This recipe for sweet dinner rolls, just had to make the list! I don't make these often, as put simply I would EAT. THE. LOT. in one sitting. I can make them only when the numbers warrant...so be warned. This recipe is from a friend of mine, who got it from a friend of hers and so on....make them for friends. You (and they) will never forget where you heard it first!

I actually was French in another life...before my Italian life and certainly before my Australian life! This French stick bread recipe is a labour of love, but you will love it back. I cannot tell you how amazing it is; You simply must brace yourself for a day spent in or near the kitchen and give it a go. Don't take my word for it...just make it and bake it!

An earlier recipe of note is the Naan Bread. This has inevitably shown up elsewhere on this blog due to its family popularity. Gozleme has become a firm favourite and uses the Naan recipe as its base. Soft, quick (after the rise) and wonderful either sweet or savoury, it is more than just an accompaniment to curries.

Then of course there are the breads that have no yeast...do I need to remind you of Aunty Debbies (now) very famous Banana Bread? Go and make it immediately. It will fill your home with fragrance and the hearts and tummies of your families with love.

Bread is really just a ratio of liquids to dry ingredients, with a choice of leavening agents, a little salt and whatever you have a mind to put in it.

It is a wonderful vehicle for flavour, it delivers toppings and sweetness, and happiness! It is the staff of life!

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