Viva Las Vegas

By Tenina on Feb 18, 2009

Just a quickie and NOOO recipe I’m afraid, though of course I had to do the Aussie thing and make a Pavlova complete with Kiwi fruit, imported Passionfruit pulp (imported by moi!) blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, ALL available, ALL year round in these United States!! After a flying trip to Vegas, a son’s wedding in said Vegas, a successful Thermomix demo to chefs in Vegas (now TM converts!!), some snow to remind us of how great Australia’s warm weather is, plenty of family time, great hotels, we are now in a most beautiful part of Texas, or Houston more correctly I guess, called The Woodlands. Stunning homes, beautiful settings, and some great restaurants within coo-ee! I have been to plenty of them, happy to say, and will be suffering on the bike when I get home! I’m thinking a favorite would be The Cheesecake Factory, which defies it’s name by serving the most awesome herb crusted salmon ever. I followed that with stunning Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, which I will be trying to copy for the rest of time, until I manage it! Stay tuned to this site for updates of the chocolate cheesecake type! Anyhoo kids, see you when I get back with whatever stunning recipe rolls off the waistline first…oh and yes, I’m off to New Zealand briefly as well, so don’t hold your breath for that recipe until early March, but thanks for all your support and comments in the meantime.