Call for Comment!!

By Tenina on Oct 21, 2008

Well dear Reader...(s?)

The time has come to make yourselves known. Although it sounds a little paranoid, or possibly vain, I have put some thought into leaving this blog up as a recipe resource, but not adding to it...yes, deserting my blog for other pastimes! (NO, not in running away!) I am extremely busy in my job, my family and due to shrieks of silence, feel unloved, underappreciated and generally find myself wondering if Anyone cares!! hahahaha. So if you are Anyone and you care...please send me a message (click on Comments , then Submit Query, below) and perhaps I can re-evaluate the amount of recipes I post. Thanks to all who do comment and I trust I will now be flooded with complimentary, head swelling, superlatives about my wonderful site!