Thermomix Revolution!

By Tenina on May 29, 2008

OK…after umm-ing and ahh-ing I finally did it! I don’t know why I waited so long! WOW, what an amazing device. It is food processor, steam oven, induction all rolled into one. Of course there are things that can be done in both the steam oven and on the induction that cannot be done in the Thermomix, but by crikey, I’m in gadget love!

The Thermomix is only available through a consultant and frankly that’s going to be my next move…so if anyone would like me to come and cook at your house, have Thermomix, can travel!!! From egg custard, to ganache, to risotto, to sorbet and bread dough, from curry to steamed rice and the best mashed potato I have ever tasted…all in seconds…well minutes in some cases. I have cooked up a veritable storm in the last 2 days.

  • sour dough rye bread
  • yoghurt
  • smoothies
  • mashed potato
  • orange julius (recipe to come)
  • garlic cheese rolls
  • egg custard
  • apple tea cake
  • mushroom sauce
  • icing sugar from Raw Sugar!!!
  • cornflour from whole wheat!!!

Frankly my kids are unappreciative and I now have a pile of left overs…just cos I can’t stop cooking. Thermo (for short) looks at me so invitingly…I just can’t help myself!

Tomorrow I will do porridge, more bread, a lemon chess pie and maybe cookies or profiteroles. I am at work tomorrow night, and may just have to take Thermo with me! Anyway, like I said, if you live in Perth, want to see the Thermomix first hand (and taste my delectable food first hand) just comment here and I will email you privately.

Oh the recipes will flow, so stay tuned!