Cyndi O'Meara Rocks (Colloidally Speaking!)

By Tenina on Oct 21, 2008


Not a recipe post folks...but I had the opportunity this week of spending some time with Cyndi O'Meara. What an amazing person and so entertaining! Her philosophies are totally in line with a balanced life which is something I think many of us endeavor to achieve, and it was great to meet someone who believes in eating as a way to lose weight! Well sort of...I suggest you clarify that on her website Changing Habits, Changing Lives. Thermomix had her as a guest at one of their cooking classes, (my first opportunity to demonstrate in my new role with Thermomix) and we all had a lot of food and a lot of fun. Check out the photos. I'm the one who looks like she eats a lot! (And yes I am wearing a Thermomix apron...always a dead give away!)

I'm happy to report that I am passionate about my new role with Thermomix and going to work has never been more enjoyable. They are a company of dedicated and motivated people who I get the feeling are at their 'Tipping Point' in Australia. There is so much energy there, it is all EXCITING! If you haven't already got one, GET ONE! If you don't know how to get one, call me, email me, send smoke signals and I will come demonstrate for you! Looking forward to hearing from all you Thermophiles out there...send me your recipes and let's mix it, Thermomix it all up.

Oh, and 'colloidally speaking'? (In case you're wondering!!!) Cyndi uses colloidal minerals in a her Protein Breakfast Shake and suggests a frequent dose to prevent cravings...and yes they are delivered easily in a liquid form, but they are 'harvested' from yes, Cyndi Rocks!