The Amazing Thermomix Forum

By Tenina on Oct 16, 2012

Well kids, its not often that I write something other than a recipe. Recipes are simple, pretty well a done deal once they have hit my table and/or stomach, and a no brainer…for me at least.

But in the scheme of things, there are a few constants on my blog which you may or may not have noticed. (Where have you been??) All things Thermomix are of course a recurring theme and between the books, the ebooks, the cooking classes, the apps, and of course the recipe freebies on here….your FAVE blog…(yes it is, you know it!) Not to mention the goings on over at all thesocial media gigs that keep me laughingand honest!

However, what to do when I just can’t come up with the goods? Or when I need some support? Or when I wish to go away on a foodie weekend with like mindedThermomix peeps who are equally crazy? Needless to say, I head across the wire to the friendliest bunch of ladies(and gents, Jeff and Den) who all care and share with such generosity, that it beggars belief. I am talking about theForum Thermomix, the place that I found waaaaay back when I was a thermie virgin and absolutely NO clue about what I was getting into. Little did I know I was practically joining a cult!(This is no laughing matter, and I kid you not, get evangelical or you’ll just never fit the mould!!)

A Few Forum Thermomix Fascinating Facts for you….

  • over 205,00 posts,
  • over 11,000 topics,
  • nearly 8,000 members
  • over 2,000 recipes (hello…that is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.)
  • Started in 2008 and is now the BIGGEST English speaking Thermomix forum in the world
  • Around 100,000 visits per month
  • With over 500,000 page views per month
  • The best moderators around, who are almost conjoined to the posts that are occurring as you read this and will never let you down

And some lesser known things about the Forum;

When my granddaughter was born a few months back, I didn’t get onto the Forum for a few days, and when I did; WOW. A whole thread welcoming my little addition to the family.

I have seen such an outpouring of support and love between complete strangers on the Forum when tragedy or celebration is in the air, and I can’t tell you how wonderful that is to read, receive and/or participate in.

As for the crazy weekend I got to spend with some of the main characters on the Forum...I am still smiling on the inside…hahaha, Gertbysea is hysterical. Cookie1 is a hoot, the girls that are SueJen are a laugh and Nazar is so darling, and well…I could go on and on, couldn’t I Denise and Jenny, and Bess, and the Kerry’s…and the Michelles…? So many amazing people.

Last but not least, SO many of my recipes are on the Forum in living colour from lovely peeps who cook and photograph them to share with all the members. It is very gratifying to see my work reproduced(sometimes better than how I first presented it) by enthusiastic Thermo mixers! One such pic brightens up this story, thank you Miss JulieO, who never ceases to amaze with her photographic gorgeousness!

I guess what I am saying is, not all of my life is about Thermomix…or Thermomix recipes.…a lot of what I do is about wonderful people, and I meet a lot of them through Forum if you haven’t already joined…what are you waiting for? Get on over there and let them know you’re alive! And Thermo mixing!!