Bubblegum Ice Cream

Serves many children Prep Time 6 hours   Rated:

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OK OK OK, I know. Not natural. Full of colour and flavourings. But can I just mention, there is no natural way to create bubblegum flavour. There really isn't. So after years of requests (Maureen) here it finally is and I have to say, we were all really happy with the outcome.

As someone who does not indulge in bubblegum flavoured anything, this was a true hit. The version you are looking at was actually made with the Keto Vanilla Ice Cream Base which was truly fluffy and amazing. (Also a great big surprise.) Of course you can use any of the bases we have in the course and any milk or cream of choice.

NOW to the flavouring and colour discussion. You can easily access non toxic food colouring. I am sure today's mums know all about that. The bubblegum flavour was literally 2 weeny drops in over 1 litre of ice cream. In other words, stress less. It really isn't enough to worry about. And if I may say so, far better overall than any purchased version of Bubblegum ice cream you could ever get for the kids. So little kids and big kids alike, get mixing. This is sure to be a favourite!

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  • 1 Batch Killer Vanilla Ice Cream or any other plain ice cream base of your choosing, not frozen Recipe
  • 2-3 Drops bubblegum flavouring
  • 4 Drops neon pink food colour
  • 6 Drops neon blue food colour



Make the ice cream base as recipe directs. Make sure it is ready to either go into a churner or the freezer.


Either leave the batter in the Thermomix or return it to the Thermomix if it has been in the fridge overnight or whatever. Add the flavouring and blend 10 sec/speed 10. Taste and adjust if you think it needs it. Remember once frozen, some of the flavour is lessened.


Divide mixture into 3 parts. Stir through the pink and blue colours leaving the 3rd part white.


I used my churners to churn the pink, blue and white separately. I dolloped mounds of soft serve consistency ice cream into the container and didn't stir them at all.


When you scoop the ice cream it will look as you hope, though you could use a skewer or similar to swirl a pattern whilst the mix is still not completely frozen.


Alternatively you can semi freeze each colour separately and then combine them with a quick fold in one container when they are well on their way to freezing.

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