Charred White Bean Hummus with Lemon and Olives

Serves 6-8
by Sarah Moran


I love a bit of charcoal on most things...the smokiness gets in my eyes...and in my palate. Just saying. So in order to shake up your general run of the mill, every day hommous/hummus/however you wish to spell it...I thought charring would be a good idea...if you agree, say yes please, go and make it and make sure you tell us all on social media

This recipe appears in my recent cookbook, Cooking with Tenina. If you are not the proud owner of this cookbook, WHY NOT?? GO and get it immediately. It is a cracker if I say so myself, and the best seller lists of Australia do not lie!! 

In the meantime, give this a whirl, and see how you enjoy charr!!

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