Elote; Mexican corn on the cob!

As many as you need
by Tenina Holder

You know I am in love with Mexican food, and what’s not to love? Seriously simple fresh flavours have always been my thing. This traditional street food is all of the above. I hope you love it, and serve it all summer long…think of the flavour options you could serve with it. I am thinking of my Jalepeno Lime Mayonnaise straight up! Let alone the stuff I could pile on top. Think toasted pepitas, guacomole, different cheeses, chilli powders, dips, spreads, etc…a total meal if needs be. I said one cob per person in the recipe, but seriously, who are we kidding? You’re going to eat more than one. This amount of dressing should be ample for about 6 cobs of corn. Fiesta time!




Pull outer husks back from each corn cob and discard the fine ‘hair’, but reserving the husk to use like a handle. Place on an open grill or flame and turn occasionally until well cooked and blackened.


Place mayonnaise, sour cream, and cumin into Thermo bowl and blend 6 sec/speed 6.


Allow corn to cool a little and then spread some of the mayonnaise mixture onto each cob. Top with all remaining ingredients to taste and eat immediately.

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