Walnut and Leek Pate

Serves 6 Prep Time 10 minutes   Cook Time 20 minutes   Rated:

Sometimes we just get a little hungry in the test kitchen, and lucky for us the leeks are in full season now and HUGE. So although this recipe says 2-3, really it will depend on the size of the leeks you end up with. I have these amazing walnuts from Omega Walnuts and some even more incredible Organic EVWO (That is Extra Virgin Walnut Oil) so what is a girl supposed to do? This was lunch and afternoon tea today with some lovely Turkish Bread Rolls

WE LOVE THIS ONE, and you will too. It originates in part from Georgia (as in the OG Russian state) now its own country. Apparently they grow a lot of walnuts there.

Anyhoo...get the walnuts and walnut oil ordered and get onto this. It is just gorgeous, and dare I say Georgias too!


  • Rich in Antioxidants: Walnuts contain high levels of antioxidants, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Heart Health: Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and improving artery function.
  • Weight Management: Despite being calorie-dense, walnuts can help with weight control due to their ability to promote a feeling of fullness and reduce appetite. (Still waiting on this kicking in!)
  • Improved Brain Function: The omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, and vitamin E in walnuts contribute to better cognitive function and may help delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases. (Also patiently waiting...eat more walnuts!)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Walnuts contain compounds that help reduce inflammation, which is linked to many chronic diseases.
  • Supports Gut Health: Walnuts promote a healthy gut by increasing the diversity of beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Cancer Prevention: Some studies suggest that the antioxidants and other bioactive compounds in walnuts can help reduce the risk of certain cancers, including breast and prostate cancer.
  • Diabetes Management: Walnuts can help control blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial for people with diabetes or those at risk of developing the condition.
  • Bone Health: Walnuts contain essential minerals like magnesium and phosphorus, which are vital for maintaining strong and healthy bones.
  • Skin Health: The vitamins and antioxidants in walnuts can improve skin health by reducing the signs of aging and providing a natural glow.
  • Mood Improvement: The omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are known to have mood-boosting properties, which can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Place leek and EVOO into the Thermomix bowl. Chop 4 sec/speed 6. Sauté 20 min/Varoma/speed 1. Set aside.


Place coriander, walnuts, garlic, ground coriander, chilli flakes and EVOO into the Thermomix bowl. Chop 6 sec/speed 8. Scrape and repeat twice.


Add cooked leek, olives and mint. Combine 10 sec/speed 4. Scrape into a serving dish.


Garnish with mint and coriander leaves and pomegranate arils. Drizzle with some walnut oil.


Serve with crostini or crackers and extra walnuts on the side.

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