Chunky Ruby Chocolate Bars with Brioche and Raspberries

Makes 8 bars approx Prep Time 30 minutes   Cook Time 5 minutes   Rated:


There is a new love in my chocolate life!

The hardest part about this recipe may be sourcing the ruby chocolate. However, I do know that Savour school in Melbourne has stock right now. (This may change periodically)

Then of course you should probably mix up a batch of brioche and try not to eat it all! You will need a couple of slices, they can be stale, so make and enjoy the brioche, save a slice or two and either freeze them for this occasion or make the chocolate bars the next day. You can of course buy brioche, but it is a shame when you can make it yourself. If you have never tried, this is the time to do so!

The other thing that is pretty essential to success with this one is the polycarbonate chocolate moulds. Look guys, you have the very best food processor in the market, lash out and get the very best chocolate moulds. They are expensive, but not $2K expensive. You will not regret owning the best in the market. Seriously. Makes life sooo easy when you have the right tools. You'll wonder what you did without them!

I am totally in love with Ruby. Ruby is the first new innovation in chocolate in over 80 years.

The chocolate is made from the "ruby cocoa bean". "Ruby beans" are existing botanical cocoa bean variety that have been identified as having the right attributes to be processed into ruby chocolate.

The chocolate's taste is described as "sweet yet sour", with little to none of the cocoa flavour traditionally associated with other varieties of chocolate. The fantastic part about it all is that the colour you see is all naturally occurring and the taste profile is very reminiscent of berries with no added flavours! Ruby is a 45% chocolate. This is high for even some milk chocolates on the market, so to have it in this amazing product is very impressive.

I am a little bit hooked. Just saying. Thanks Mr Callebaut!

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Butter the brioche slices generously. Too much is still not enough. Place into a baking dish and cook on a low heat (140°C) for about an hour until golden and dry but very buttery all through. Cool completely and chop into large chunks. This can all be done before you begin the actual chocolate bar.


Polish your chocolate moulds well, using either a soft cloth or a piece of cotton wool. Set aside.


Melt 300g of the ruby preferably in a plastic bowl, using half power in your microwave (450W) for around 5 minutes. Take bowl and out and stir it with a spat-ooh-lah-lah! Press the chocolate pieces that are not melted to melt. Return to the microwave for about 2 minutes.


Add the 100g and stir until completely melted. This will take some time and you need to be quite vigorous with the stirring.


Add the chopped up brioche and then divide chocolate between the moulds. Bang the moulds on the bench to level. Push chocolate into the corners of the moulds until you are happy. Press a few freeze dried raspberries or sieve with some freeze dried powder. Leave on the bench for about 5 minutes. Transfer to the fridge for a further 5 minutes. They will drop out easily.


Keep in the fridge or wrap separately as gifts. They will keep well out of the fridge unless you are tempted!


If you are anti microwave, you can follow the tempered chocolate method that is a video on the Insider Club. More info?

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