Heaven and Hell Bombe Alaska

Serves 10 Prep Time 2 hours   Rated:

A very impressive flaming dessert that takes more organisation than skill. Take each step as it comes and voila, you are amazing everyone including yourself. We have done several video tutorials on all of these components, so you do have this. Just prepare the elements in advance and then trust yourself.

You got this people! You really do. (Can't wait to see some pics of these...go on, who will be the first! Don't forget to tag me!)

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Prepare the Classic Sponge Cake batter and bake at least 1/3 of it in a Swiss Roll tin. Cool it completely before cutting circles out of it per serving as video directs.


Prep all other ingredients as recipes direct.


Freeze the ice cream in either a mould, or use a round scoop to get a satisfactory sized ball of ice cream.


Assemble the sponge with ice cream on top and keep in the freezer whilst you make the meringue.


Just prior to serving, heat a small amount of the alcohol in the microwave for maximum of 10 seconds, keeping an eye on it.


Pipe the prepared meringue on top of the ice cream, light the warmed alcohol in a metal spoon using a gas lighter or similar. Tip the flaming alcohol over the meringue and let it toast the meringue to taste. If you need to, add a few more toasty highlights using a kitchen torch. Serve immediately as the ice cream will start to melt pretty quickly.

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