Raspberry Coulis

by Tenina Holder

This is really a very basic recipe for a very speccy result. You can whip this up in the time it takes to run down the road and get the very best vanilla bean ice cream available to you. Impressive, without the stressive. (Keep some in the fridge. It's just perfect to shoosh up any dessert, ice cream, yoghurt, pavlova, rice pudding, heck even a bowl of porridge could use a shoosh couldn't it? Go for it!)


  • 200 g raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • 100 g golden caster sugar
  • 40 g lemon or lime juice, fresh



Place all ingredients into TM bowl and cook 8 min/90°C/speed 3.


Strain through a sieve to remove seeds if they offend you, otherwise, that is it. Pretty well done. You could also blend it on a high speed for at least a minute if desired.


Pass the pav. Pass the lemon tart. Pass a very big spoon...

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