Chocolate I Scream!

Serves 8-10 Prep Time 12 hours   Cook Time 5 minutes   Rated:

MERCY this is good! I have been a bit obsessed with the old Thermomix, and ice cream making of late. This one has been around for a while now but we gave it fresh new look and an update. Still amazing, still worth the calories and very creamy and decadent.

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Place chocolate in Thermomix bowl and chop 10 sec/speed 8. Remove from bowl and set aside.


Place eggs and sugar into Thermomix bowl. Beat 4 min/37°C/Butterfly/speed 3. Remove Butterfly.


Add all remaining ingredients, including chopped chocolate.


Cook 5 min/80°C/speed 5.


Pour into large metal loaf tin.


Place in freezer for approx 2 hours or until frozen around the edges.


Return to Thermomix bowl and beat 30 sec/speed 9.


Return to loaf pan and return to freezer overnight.


You can beat it again if you would like it to be a lighter mixture...but I personally like a 'heavy' ice cream.


Scoop into bowls or waffle cones and work at not eating it all in one sitting! This amount should serve 6-8 generously.

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