Mars Bar Slice. (No Snickers Please!)

by Tenina Holder

I realise this is more of a suggestion than a recipe, and it certainly isn't original in that I've eaten it or something akin to it before, but for all you desperados out there who occasionally need a sweet fix FAST, this is the page to bookmark! It is ideal as a school lunchbox snack (unless you are at one of those no treat schools) and if you are in a hurry to produce a slice that looks homemade; this is the pay attention! My tweaked version of Mars Bar Slice. Enjoy your diabetic coma!

So as you can see, a no brainer, no hassle, about 5 minutes total, easy to store, easy to eat 'slice'....not as creative as my usual entries I know, but everyone has their off days!

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Put all candy bars in large glass bowl with butter.


Melt in Microwave/Grill on Microwave Function for 2 minutes.


Add Coco Pops, and stir vigorously, adding coconut to taste.


The mix should be very thick, if not add more coconut.


Push into square (9 inch) pan, working with damp fingers to smooth top.


Refrigerate until set.


Meanwhile melt chocolate with cream on Induction 2.


Spread over top of slice and set.


Remove from pan in one piece and cut into pieces.

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