Pavlova Christmas Wreath

Serves 8-10 Prep Time 1 hours   Calories Per Serve: No one needs to know this!  Rated:


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I originally intended to add the homemade Turkish Delight, but totally forgot on the day of filming and eating, however, if you have the time and the energy, it would be stunning to do so.

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Prepare all the components well in advance.


Choose your serving dish or board or tray based on how many people you intend to serve. We ended up with 18 mini pavlovas, so went large on a board.


Place a 23cm round baking tin or similar into the centre of your dish or board as a guide.


Spread a little of the whipped cream onto the base of each pavlova and 'glue' them to the board around the tin. Remove the tin once you have a basic wreath underway. Finish the circle by filling in the gaps with remaining pavlovas.


Pipe as much cream as you dare between the pavlovas. Add the berries around the wreath, if they are too big, cut them like we did. If you are lucky enough to be an Insider, add your Turkish Delight as you would the berries. Add the pomegranate arils sparingly, they are more for a splash of deep red colour than flavour!


Using sauce bottles, add little circles of both coulis around the wreath. Finish it off with flowers, a sprinkling of cacao nibs and then position your mint leaves. Give the wreath a top with plenty of green at the top of the circle.


Right before serving (because it disappears entirely) dust the whole thing with plenty of icing sugar.


Give everyone a spoon and a plate and let them at it. I would have extra of everything on standby. You cannot have too much cream or coulis on these occasions!

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