Perfect Whipped Cream

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Believe it or not there are Thermomix owners out there who still get out their hand held electric beaters to create whipped cream. I admit I did it myself one time just because all my Thermomix bowls were otherwise engaged. Can I just explain how irritated I was on that occasion? VERY.

I ended up wearing a lot of cream spatter which went very well with my pearls but not with my little black dress! Of course there was also cream spatter all over the kitchen as well.

It also took ages, I mean ages. I felt so frustrated with the amount of time it took to do something as simple as whip cream.

I vowed never to whip cream the old fashioned way again. Seriously. It literally takes less than a few seconds to have the perfect whipped cream if you follow these hints and tips I have learned over the years.

One: Chill the TM bowl and the cream. Not totally necessary, but it makes everything a lot easier.

Two: Older cream will whip a LOT faster than fresher cream. So keep an eye on it. It is not a job to do while distracted or nipping off to do something else.

Three: Under whip rather than over whip for a better result especially if you have time to chill the whipped cream before serving.

Four: There are worse things in life than vanilla butter, so if you happen to over whip and go past the point of being able to use it for dessert, embrace it and keep going until you make butter.

So there you have it. Watch the video. Get your pav organised and then go for it with the perfect whipped cream!

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About 30 minutes ahead of whipping, place your entire Thermomix bowl into the freezer or coldest part of your fridge, including the butterfly. (No need to put the lid in there.)


Place all ingredients into the chilled Thermomix bowl and insert the Butterfly.


Whip 15-40 sec/Butterfly/speed 4 or until you have the consistency you are after. Keep checking through hole in lid as well as by listening. The sound does changes as the cream becomes aerated.


Place into the fridge until you are ready to serve.


Add any doTERRA oils of choice in place of the vanilla to create a flavoured cream, or add cocoa powder with the vanilla and sugar for a chocolate cream. Try adding anything else that takes your fancy, vanilla, sugar, rum, bourbon, espresso etc.


If I am whipping cream for a pavlova or other dessert which is already basically sugar, I leave the sugar out of the cream.

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