Powdered Malt

Makes 200g Prep Time Unknown  Cook Time 25 minutes   Rated:


I learnt this little trick on one of my many trips to Europe in the lovely test kitchen of my friend in the Thermomix head office in Germany. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to my baked goods. I make sure I have a jar of malt in my pantry at all times and so should you. It will show up in more and more of my recipes in the future, so now is the time to get it organised and into your pantry.

• Use 1–2 tbsp in all baked goods for a distinctive sweet taste and a browner, glossy appearance

• Adding malt to your breads eliminates the need for sugar to feed the yeast, will help achieve a higher rise and give you a browner, more fragrant crust

Try it out. I think you will be impressed.

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  • 200 Grams whole wheat or other whole grain of choice
  • Tepid water as needed
  • Steamer tray, colander or tray with holes



Sprout wheat over a period of days by rinsing in warm water, and draining through colander or Varoma tray. Rinse about 2–3 times a day to keep grains moist, but not soggy.


Keep grains on the Varoma tray on top of the upturned lid for easy results. Sunshine will speed up the process.


When you have ‘decent’ sprouts (½ cm in length) place onto a flat baking tray and spread out into a single layer. Allow to dry for a few hours.


Place into preheated 160°C oven and roast for 25–30 minutes until sprouts are fragrant and golden. They should be crunchy and edible at this stage.


Place cooled sprouts into Thermomix bowl and mill for 1 min/speed 9. Store in airtight jar and use as desired.

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