Tonka Bean Milk Jelly with Slow Cooked Strawberries

Serves 6 Prep Time 5 minutes   Cook Time 10 minutes   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

I love panna cotta, and although I make it infrequently, I find it relatively easy as long as you have a good recipe. Enter! I know lots of people struggle with it, and I think it is to do with the gelatin used. This is NOT panna cotta, but so like it you could be forgiven for thinking it was. The addition of egg makes it no longer a panna cotta, and so I suppose it is more of a custard. But it has that perfect wobble and I have to say, I LOVED it.

I hope you will too.

Tonka bean is not that easy to get, they look like a large seed, which I guess technically they are. They have a delicate flavour mix of vanilla meets cinnamon, meets nutmeg, meets almonds and I completely love it. I don’t use them often for your sake, given the difficulty of acquiring them, but this recipe is worth the hunt. If you are in WA you can get them from Weigh N Pay in Woodvale.

If you search the internet for Tonka bean info, you will read that ingesting this delicious thing can be toxic, but let me put your mind at ease. You would have to eat the equivalent of at least 30 tonka beans in one sitting to have any adverse effect at all, and even then you would probably just have flavour overload. Nutmeg too, is toxic in large doses. So fear not, get on it and let me know how much you love this one. I know I do!

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