Vanilla Thriller Slice

Serves 16 Prep Time 48 hours   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder


I am not going to lie, this one is worth the effort. I first made this many moons ago when still working at Head Office Thermomix in Australia. I did it as sort of a challenge after it appeared on Master Chef season one. A challenge indeed, and it did very nearly reduce me to tears. I was on the phone to Adriano for several occasions to ask him one question or another. We finally got through a version of his cake, which was totally delish. This one, is not quite is cake, as I have simplified and made as much of it in Thermomix as is possible. There are several recipes that make up this cake. To be honest, you can very easily make most of it in advance and then just assemble when ready to eat. And eat it you will.

It became the birthday cake of choice with my kids, and this recipe does appear in For Food's Sake in full.

SO: Here are my hints and tips for assembling this cake in the best and easiest way possible.

1. Use a 20-22cm tin with a removable base. Unless you have a silicone cake tin that will allow you to get good tight neat edges.

2. Make the Pure Almond Paste and Almond Praline Paste well in advance. You can also premake the Brown Sugar Crumble in advance. Up to a month is even OK.

3. When ready to make the cake, start with the Vanilla Almond Dacquoise, which can be made at least a day before everything else, even 2 days.

4. Make the Vanilla Almond Crunch and spread on top of the cooled dacquoise. Refrigerate the lot.

5. Make the Vanilla Ganache and spread.

6. Finish with the glaze.

7. Watch this video before making the cake. Then watch it again!

8. You don't have to glaze the cake. BUT, it is a bit special with the glaze.

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